Spinning down Turtons Track

(65 Km)

Saturday, 30 Nov, 2019

Beech Forest - Deans Marsh

For once we woke to sunshine and no queue for breakfast. That didn’t mean that we left any earlier. It was a gorgeous morning though still cool.

Before long we were making our way along Turtons Track which had been closed for our ride today. It was sensational. The road meandered through the rainforests of the Otway with lots of long downhill sections.

There were a few uphills as well but we were at our lunch stop by 10:30 am. after a delicious salad we were back on the bikes. The next stage wasn’t quite so spectacular and it was around 1pm when we arrived at the campsite.

Our priority was to get the washing dry so we had dry towels and dry knicks for our last day. We then headed into the village for an ice cream, detouring for a second lunch of wood fired potato and rosemary pizza.

We returned to camp to enjoy a couple of beers in the sun before heading for a shower in the hope that the queues would be short.