Mansfield to Whitfield

(65 KMs)

Tuesday, 15 Mar, 2022

Mansfield - Whitfield

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 4

Mansfield to Whitfield 65 KMs, 741m climbing

Today we left the Great Victorian Rail Trail at its terminus at Mansfield and headed cross country to the start of the Murray to Mountains Trail at Wangaratta. We will do this in two days with a stop in Whitfield.

As with any cross country excursion there are plenty of ups and downs and today was no exception with the up starting after 10 KMs and going on for 25kms.

Stopped for coffee at the sports ground at Tolmie, where you can camp for 7.50 a night (put your money in the honesty box). Not much else at Tolmie, even the pub is closed.

Decided to take a different route to Whitfield and leave the main road and head down to the King Valley and follow the King River.

The only problem was that the down was 500m in less than 3km and the track was sign posted 4WD Dry Weather Only! OMG it was steep, and we ended up walking the bikes down most of it.

Once we were down the track was a gentle slope and ridable and got better the further we went. We stopped for lunch near a little river just by a community camp.

Now we were on sealed roads with a gentle downhill gradient we headed down the King Valley past grape vines and vineyards towards Whitfield.

Stopped in at the Mountain View Hotel for a well earned beer before heading another 4ks to our Air B n B for tonight. A nice little room with all that we need and a lovely view of the valley.