Culburra Beach to Bomaderry

(30 Kms)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Culburra Beach - Bomaderry

We wanted to be on the 11:26 train so were up before 7am to pack with the aim of wheels rolling by 8:45. We left exactly on time, and we were back at Nowra in time for a cup of tea and a cookie by the river.

Early morning pack up

Tea and cookies by the river

The train was at the station when we arrived, giving us plenty of time to unload and have a coffee/milkshake.

It wasn't quite so leisurely at Kiama, with lots of people wanting to get on the train whilst we were trying to get our gear off. It didn’t help when we were told that we had one minute until the Sydney train left, and we still had bikes and panniers on the opposite platform. We made it in the end and could relax for the long journey back to Central.

We lunched on the train and had our bikes packed and ready to change platforms at Central. The train to Epping arrived just as Jonno exited the lift, which was perfect timing. The trip from Bomaderry to Epping cost $5.81 for an adult – an absolute bargain given that we had travelled for almost three hours to get home.

Learnings: it was a fabulous trip and we all enjoyed cycling to a destination each day. Everyone was happy with their sleeping arrangements and Jonno and Georgia would prefer to carry separate tents again in future travels. We were pretty well equipped and used almost everything we took with us (except swimmers). We did need to buy a $2 "turner" so that we could flip our burgers, and this will be an essential implement for future travels. We will also travel with our own burners and pots and pans as this will give us greater flexibility in choosing campsites. However, having access to a camp kitchen means that we have somewhere to cook and sit of an evening which makes life more pleasant.

Video highlights of our trip