A wicked day out

(45 Kms)

Saturday, 27 Jan, 2018

Primrose Sands - Richmond

It was warm when we cycled out of Primrose Sands around 9:30. We retraced our route back to the junction, and went part way up the hill before turning left towards Dodges Ferry. The route was very undulating with views across Carlton River. The hills were very brown, indicative of ongoing drought.

We met up again near the turnoff to Eldee campsite, where we had originally planned to stay before finding Jeff's place instead. Our six kilometre detour into Primrose Sands had been relatively flat compared with the route to Eldee. Much more preferable to take on the hills with fresh legs.

Heading back out to the junction

The Carlton River

The Carlton River

We took the most direct route to Dodges Ferry, which was relatively flat, then took the turn off through Lewisham, and another big hill but with great views across the bay. This route also cut off a little bit more of the highway, but it wasn't long till we reached the intersection. 5 kilometres of busy highway ahead of us, with lots of roadkill including a poor echidna. Fortunately there was a good shoulder for most of it, but I was relieved to reach the 80km zone, and even more pleased when the speed dropped to 60km.

Clarks Bay off Lewisham

Clarks Bay off Lewisham

Clarks Bay off Lewisham

We met up outside the shopping centre, and picked up some basics for dinner. The kids chose the sausages, with Georgia selecting venison and duck, whilst Jonno went for the more traditional Italian herb ones. We bought some pide rolls from the bakery, and a BBQ chook from Coles for lunch. There was a picnic spot just over a block away, and Jonno and I picked up some coffees and chocolate milk from the nearby bakery/cafe.

Then it was back on the bikes, fuelled for the next big hill and with the incentive of visiting the markets in Richmond. The day was now really warm, and it was a long, hot climb. I was soaking by the time I reached the crest of the hill, but the 12% decline meant that my shirt was dry on arrival in Richmond.

Start of the decent into Richmond

We passed over the historic bridge, and into town where we met up opposite the markets. There was some fresh produce, and a few stalls in the town hall. Georgia bought a bracelet made from antique silver plated nickel spoons. Jonno and I bought some tomatoes and apricots. We had a wander through some of the little shops, and I bought some nice earrings (easy to transport).

Jonno was keen to try the cheese tasting at the Wicked Cheese Factory, so we cycled the two kilometres out of town, and had a lovely time tasting the cheese and choosing some for our pre-dinner snack, Including a goats blue cheese, triple brie and a herb and garlic cheddar. We also picked up a selection of ales from the Last Rites Brewing company, and I am currently enjoying the She's no Bette Midler, Tasmanian Red Ale.

Wicked Cheese

Purchases complete, we headed to the campsite, only to find that we had left a set of tent pegs behind in Port Arthur. Fortunately we could share out what was left to erect each tent successfully. We then tried out the campsite pool which was most relaxing, before struggling with the showers. Clearly the water pressure in the women's shower was not designed to have three showers going at once, as mine had almost no water. I waited for Georgia to finish, and had better luck when mine was the only shower in operation.

We enjoyed our cheese and crackers in the early evening sunlight, and cooked up our sausages and corn, with some lovely tomatoes and salad.

Ready for dinner

Sunset over the camp ground