Tallangatta to Wodonga

(56 KMs)

Wednesday, 23 Mar, 2022

Tallangatta - Wodonga

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 12

Tallangatta to Wodonga via Old Tallangatta 56 KMs.

Got up early and leaving the bags in the hotel room, headed the 9 KMs up to Old Tallangatta. The water on Lake Hume was very still at the time of day and the morning Sun was still low, got some great photos.

Back to Tallangatta to pick up the bags and get a coffee and second breakfast.

Headed back down the High Country Rail Trail all the way to Wodonga where the car was.

Resupplied in Albury and then drove to Walwa where we will be staying for two nights.

The little cottage in Walwa great, one of the better Air BnBs we have stayed in.