The Blue Lake

(88 Km)

Sunday, 24 Nov, 2019

Millicent - Mount Gambier

We were up at a similar time and again one of the last group to leave as we breakfasted and watched as the tables were packed up around us. Clearly this is not the same as a leisurely cycle touring trip. We were on the road by around 8am to a slightly overcast day. We cycled with Lake Bonny on our right and I chatted to Karen, a doctor from Melbourne until we reached the first rest stop and it’s long toilet queue. We set up for a coffee and enjoyed our breakfast-issued caramel slice for morning tea and chatted to the drivers of the SAG wagon.

After morning tea, we chatted to a cyclist from Bendigo which helped the kms spin past. The riding was a little more undulating today but still fairly flat with a tailwind. Following lunch and a cup of tea at the large oval at the Kongorong we were back on the road. Next stop was the Little Blue Lake which looked gorgeous in the sunshine and a number of people went for a swim, specially lots of the school kids. There are heaps of schools doing the ride, which must be a fabulous experience for the kids.

We cycled round the Blue Lake at Mount Gambier before heading to the outskirts of town to camp at another large oval. We were a bit confused as we couldn’t find truck 6 and our bags, but then worked out that there was another whole field with the most beautiful grass and lots of space. Still within sight and sound of the marquis. The evening’s entertainment was a hypnotising which fortunately finished by 8:30 pm and was followed by a band playing more of our favourite songs to lull us to sleep, thanks to effective ear plugs.