Victorian Rail Trails

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 1

Seymour to Alexandra 74kms.

A big day to start the trip on no training.

A 12km section down the main road until we joined the Great Victorian Rail Trail which took us the rest of the way to Alexandra, 62kms.

Stopped for coffee at The Tarwool Estate after 15 KMs, coffee was good, but a bit cool.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 2

Alexandra to Mansfield 77kms

Yesterday's uphill slog was a lovely 10km descent and then an undulating ride to Yark, 17km, where we had coffee. Spent a bit more time than we should there as we had to filter some water to replace the not so pleasant water from the last place.

From Yark we had a 16 km leg to Merton where we stopped for lunch. We meet another group of cycle tourists heading the other way also having their lunch there.

After Merton it was off to Mansfield with a few stops for a drink and some tea.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 4

Mansfield to Whitfield 65 KMs, 741m climbing

Today we left the Great Victorian Rail Trail at its terminus at Mansfield and headed cross country to the start of the Murray to Mountains Trail at Wangaratta. We will do this in two days with a stop in Whitfield.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 5

Whitfield to Wangaratta 70 KMs.

Slightly later start at 9:00 on this slightly overcast morning, it had rained a little bit overnight and the forecast was looking dry.

Continuing on from yesterday we kept of the main road as much as possible, but this meant more dirt and one or two step pinches, but luckily the general gradient was down.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 7

Wangaratta to Myrtleford 61 KMs.

Early-ish start today and we were retracing our tracks to Oxley by 8:30, then continuing down the road at Milawa for coffee and lunch supplies.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 8

Day trip to Bright and Wandiligong 79 KMs.

Washing done and on the line we headed out for a day trip to Bright.

Another nice morning for riding and we stopped at Porepunkah for coffee.

Headed into Bright which was quite busy as it was market day. After wondering around the market for half an hour we set off in search of lunch.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 9

Myrtleford rest day 12 KMs walking.

Lazy start today with pancetta, avocado and eggs on toast for breakfast.

Headed out to Reform Hill and walked up to the lookout for nice views up and down the valley.

In the afternoon we did the Mosaic Trail along the Ovens River. We saw a few of the mosaics on rocks and tree trunks, but we weren't looking very hard.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 10

Myrtleford to Beechworth 46 KMs.

Early start today as it was going to get hot in the afternoon and we had a long climb to do.

Retraced our tracks to Everton where we stopped for a nice cool thick shake. Had to take a photo of the unusual bus stop.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 11

Beechworth to Tallangatta 71 KMs.

Another early start today as it was going to get even hotter in the afternoon and we had a long ride to do.

Yesterday was our last day on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail and today we left Beechworth on the Beechworth to Yackandanda Rail Trail, BYRT. The BYRT is a new rail trail and is still under construction in sections.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 12

Tallangatta to Wodonga via Old Tallangatta 56 KMs.

Got up early and leaving the bags in the hotel room, headed the 9 KMs up to Old Tallangatta. The water on Lake Hume was very still at the time of day and the morning Sun was still low, got some great photos.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 13

Tumbarumba to Rosewood return 40 KMs.

Snuck into NSW to pick up our fifth trail for the trip in the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail. The trail followed a beautiful valley with rolling hills a great views on every bend.

Had coffee in Rosewood, no second breakfast, the returned back to Tumbarumba. Stopped at the old Glenroy Station for lunch.

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 14

Old Tallangatta to Koetong return 63 KMs

Attempted to finish the High Country Rail Trail today by completing the Old Tallangatta to Shelley section. With Shelley being the highest station in Victoria we had a lot of climbing ahead of us.

Overnighted in a nice BnB at Murrembateman and did the winery trail in the morning. Did a tasting at Shaw Wines and bought a few bottles.

A nice way to end our trip.