Heading home

Sunday, 8 Oct, 2017


We had a leisurely start to the day as our flight wasn't due to leave until 8 pm so we had plenty of time to get ready and have a last look around Itaewong.

Simon and Jonno continued breaking down the bikes and pack them in their bags while Suzanne and the Georgia packed their bags and sorted something out for lunch.

After lunch we headed down into Itaewong for a last look around and some last minute souvenir shopping.

We planned to be at the bus stop at 4 pm thinking that would give us plenty of time to get to the airport and get the bikes checked through. Miel and John had kindly offered to help us by driving our bags down to the bus stop. Georgia went with Miel and all the bags in the car whilst Suzanne, John, Jonno and Simon carried the bikes. We worked out that two people could carry two bikes with one person at either end much more efficiently than one bike per person. After almost 15 minutes of hauling we made it to the bus stop with Miel and Georgia arriving not long after

All bikes and bags at the bus stop

The bus was a bit late due to the traffic but we still had plenty of time. The journey to the airport, however, took much longer than expected and we arrived with 90 minutes to spare, not late but a bit tight given the extra time needed to check the bikes through.

Once all of the formalities had been completed we could breath a sigh of relief as we were all sorted and on the plane home.

Simon returned the rented SIM card that had served us well in providing additional WiFi when the service provided at hotels was poor.

We had an early dinner at the airport as we were not too sure when the meal would be server on the plane.

The plane left on time and we had an uneventful flight home to Sydney.

Everyone tucked in and ready to fly home

The plane landed 30 minutes early with everyone reporting to getting some sleep during the night. Georgia got the most and she would need it as she was heading straight to school to attend the House Officer presentation as she has been chosen the be her House Captain. We had already organised for her school uniform to be left at the school for her.

We all got the bikes and bags to Central station where we put Georgia on the first train to Strathfield, unfortunately that was not our train so that now left three people to wrangle four bikes and bags onto and off the train to Epping.

Luckily the train terminates at Epping so we had some time to get everything off the train. We relayed the bikes off the platform and left Jonno minding the gear whilst Suzanne and Simon walked home to get the car. Simon drove back to pick up Jonno and the gear to bring home and complete our journey.