Tanunda to Riverton via Hamley Bridge

(79 KMs)

Monday, 19 September 2022

Tanunda - Riverton

Fields of Canola

It was nice to pack up in sunny conditions, even if the tent was damp. We set the alarm for 6am in the hopes of being out a little earlier, having been some of the last to leave previously. But by the time we’d packed up and were on the road, most people had already left. It was pleasant cycling on open roads through “McLeod’s daughters” country which was filmed on a property in the area.

We stopped for coffee at Em’s Cookie Jar café in Freeling, being the only coffee option. The place was busy when we arrived but by the time we’d enjoyed our apple strudel cake and coffee, Paul from the sag wagon was letting us know that we should be thinking about leaving. Back in our position as one of the last to leave.

The Hamley Railway bridge was quite impressive with its massive pylons and we stopped briefly in the town before heading onto Stockport and lunch at Tarlee in a community hall, passing lots canola crops as we cycled along wide, open roads.

It was only another 15kms after lunch to our destination at Riverton Recreation Park oval where we took advantage of the campsite laundry to handwash some clothes and hang them on the line before heading into town for a beer or two at the Riverton Hotel.

We had hoped to use the campsite showers on our return but they ran out of hot water, so we were back to the shower truck for a quick clean up before dinner at the community hall. We made the mistake of ordering wine by the glass which turned out to be two minuscule plastic glasses. However, the dinner of shredded lamb and apple crumble was excellent.