Langtang Valley Trek Nepal

We had booked a local driver for 6am and were outside and waiting when he rang to say that our address did not exist.

We had arranged breakfast for 9am and Simon and I woke much earlier. Two cups of coffee later, Simon and I were ready for breakfast.

The power went out a couple of times during the night, each time with a bang. It rained constantly and was still raining heavily as we had breakfast

The rain continued well into the night. We were cosy in our sleeping bags with an extra blanket each. At around 4am dogs started barking and continued on and off for the next hour or so.

It was a slightly later start and we needed to be at breakfast by 8am. The view from the balcony was stunning in the early morning light. At 7:45 I went to the kids room to collect water bottles for filling only to find Jonno in bed. Fortunately he was dressed but hadn't started packing.

We woke to a crystal clear morning. Snow had settled in the corridor to our rooms, blown in by yesterday's wind. The Mountain View teahouse was surrounded by clean snow and magnificent mountain ranges.

We all had a good night's sleep. Despite no western toilet, the Lhasa guesthouse was very comfortable dining room was cosy and the rooms even had mats on the floor. We didn't need the extra blankets.

Given that Georgia had been so unwell, we arranged for breakfast at 8am with a plan to walk for 2 hours to Lama Hotel.

Breakfast was on the table at 8am but Georgia was the only one ready to eat as the rest of us were still getting packed and sorted for the day. Jonno had been up in the night with a runny tummy but was feeling well enough to eat breakfast.

We woke to another glorious morning without any negative effects from sleeping at 3500 metres. Leaving town, there was a lot of snow on the ground but it was reasonably well trodden and walking was fairly easy.

We woke to another day of glorious blue skies and, best of all, no wind. The climb to the viewpoint towered above the town and it was a perfect day for the walk.

It was nice to be able to sleep in though Simon and I were awake around 7am anyway. As we packed we watched some people climb up the track the Irish crew had made through the snow yesterday when returning from the lookout.

We were woken by the jangling bells of a donkey express train, which seemed to be moving at quite a pace. The mist had cleared but it was very cold.

Our guesthouse at Rimche was on the junction of the route from Syabru Bensi, Thulo Syabru, and Sherpagaon. There were lots of people passing through as we prepared to leave.

The clouds were clearing when we woke and breakfast was in the table just after 8am, with cheese omelettes all round.

No need to pack this morning and we were ready for breakfast at 7:30. We have yet to manage 30 minutes for breakfast though each evening, Puncha plans our departure time on this basis.

We woke to a dusting of snow but not much had fallen. It looked very pretty in the warm sunlight. We had a long descent today starting at Singh Gompa at 3300 metres to Dunche at just over 2000 metres.

Breakfast was a little chaotic. The mixed omelettes were served for the kids. Simon and I had ordered cheese omelettes with bread but were served bread with a little cheese.

We enjoyed our Vietnamese dinner very much. The food was excellent and the room was warmed by a wood burning stove.

We knew it was going to be a long walking day and were at breakfast for 7:30 as requested. The beds were rock hard so it was easier than usual to get up.

The sun rose behind snow capped mountains that had been largely hidden by the haze. The stupa glowed white under brilliant blue skies so it looked like we were in for another stunning day.

We woke to beautiful views towards the Gosaikunda range and a sea of fog below us. Mum had returned from the festivities and made our omelettes and chappatis for breakfast whilst the fire smoked in the corner of the kitchen.