An Enforced Rest Day

(12 Kms)

Friday, 19 Jan, 2018

Coles Bay

Despite not being on the road today, we were up at 7am to get ready for a circuit walk of Wineglass Bay and the Hazards. We had cooked up the lamb yiros from the butchers the night before so lunch was quick to make. We wanted to be ahead of the peak traffic period, as we had been warned that the road was narrow.

As we approached the information centre at the edge of the national park, we were greeted with electronic signs advising that the walking tracks were closed. More information on alternate options was available in the centre, recommending the lookout at Cape Tourville for views of Wineglass Bay. But the day was hot, and the road to the lookout was steep as well as narrow so we settled for the more easily accessed Sleepy Bay.

It was fortunate that we didn't need parking as the car park was small and already pretty full, with limited options available now that the main tracks were closed. It was hot walking down to the beach and I was kind of glad that we weren't doing the 11 kilometre walk as originally planned. The walk was very scenic with views out over the cliffs, but Little Gravelly beach was true to its name, and not so appealing as a place to swim.

Lookout on the walk to Little Gravelly Beach

Little Gravelly Beach Track

Little Gravelly Beach Track

Little Gravelly Beach Track

Little Gravelly Beach Track

Little Gravelly Beach

Hiding from the sun at Little Gravelly Beach

Jonno at Little Gravelly Beach

We headed back to the bikes, and admired the parking skills of one determined tourist who squeezed his way into the last remaining spot. We cycled back stopping at Freycinet Lodge, as it was time for a coffee. It was a beautiful place, with views across Richardsons Beach. Rather more expensive for a nights accommodation than our cosy tents, the coffee was good, and we availed ourselves of some comfortable lounges to better enjoy the view (or in Georgia's case, rest our weary eyes).

On the way out, we spotted a 3D map of Tasmania, and could more fully appreciate the hills we had avoided by taking the dirt road route, and also those hills to come.

Coffee and frappes at Freycinet Lodge

Georgia resting her eyes

The little bay beneath the lodge

The wind had picked up during our sojourn, and it was blowing strongly as we reached the Coles Bay township. We found the other convenience store, which had better provisions, and was really quite well stocked. We only needed some salad stuff to supplement our dinner, though I did find a local Milton rose that seemed just the right accompaniment for our pork chops.

We headed round the Esplanade to find a place for lunch out of the wind, and settled for a rocky bay, with views of the Hazards.

Our sheltered lunch spot looking out to the Hazards

The Hazards

Looking towards Muirs Beach

As we returned to the campsite, Georgia got another puncture, and we discovered that her back tyre had been quite damaged from a previous puncture from a glass shard in Korea and had started to degrade. Simon patched the tyre using a piece of the mudguard he had made previously from a plastic milk bottle for Jonno's bike. With no bike shops between here and Hobart, here's hoping that the repair is sound.

Wheels back on the bike, we headed down for a swim and Jonno did a few laps of the beach as it had been a while since his last run. We felt a few drops of rain, but despite some ominous clouds, we felt nothing more than a few drops.

Just out from our dip

Jonno heading in for a swim after his run