And the taxi actually arrived!

Thursday, 11 Jan, 2018

Sydney - Launceston

15 minutes before the maxi taxi was due we rang to ensure it was on its way for a 12noon pick up. Chewy was on his way. 12:06 we received a text that Prashant was on his way. No indication as to how close he was. Given that the taxi didn't arrive for our Korean trip, I was nervous.

At 12.08 the taxi arrived. It was with great excitement that we loaded our bikes into the taxi, though I am not sure whether the excitement was due to the taxi's arrival or the realisation that we were now on our way.

Loading the taxi

Happy that we are safely on our way

It was an easy drive to the airport, and we arranged that Prashant would meet us on our return saving the bike/train juggle. We organised our gear onto trolleys and headed to the Virgin bag drop, only to be confronted by the most enormous queue. The check-in kiosks weren't working and they were calling people to the front of the queue when their flight was departing in an hour's time. Not good when we had 90 minutes till our flight and Virgin requires bikes to be checked in at least one hour before.

Fortunately bikes have to go through the oversize baggage bag drop, so we were soon redirected. This queue only had a few people and we happily joined it, saving ourselves at least an hour of queueing. Check-in was seamless and we were soon in the food court enjoying our lunch.

The massive queues behind us as we wait in our short oversize baggage queue

The flight wasn't too busy and we had four seats together. On arrival in Launceston we passed through quarantine, with the sniffer dog expressing a lot of interest in Jonno's backpack. We had eaten the fruit and ditched the leftover bread roll, so were allowed thorough.

Our pre-booked maxi taxi was waiting as we collected our duffel bags so we loaded them whilst we waited for the bikes. Taxis at both ends. Our lucky day!

Our airbnb on Frankland St was perfect. A little 2 bedroom cottage with a big backyard and just a short walk to the supermarket and bottleshop. Georgia and I left the boys assembling the bikes and picked up dinner supplies. On return we prepared our baked lemon chicken to make full use of an oven, then sorted our gear to rebalance our loads.

Looking down Frankland St

Frankland St Cottage

Bikes assembled, with shower cap seat covers for the wet night

Jonno's Christmas present from Grandma provided background music as we enjoyed a glass of Tassie wine, whilst Georgia posted to Instagram (follow Georgia's blog on Instagram at batsontravels to read her view of our travel adventures) and Jonno mapped our route on his hard copy maps.

Listening to the music as they Instagram and route plan

Let the adventure begin! Unfortunately it is forecast to rain tomorrow so it could be a wet start.