Lunch with the locals

(86 Km)

Saturday, 23 Nov, 2019

Robe - Millecent

The site was awake early but we didn’t see the need to rush and took our time arriving at breakfast around 7:15. As we ate our muesli, fruit and yoghurt, the volunteers were stacking the tables around us and by the time we were back at our tent, the campground was almost empty. Our bags ended up on truck 6 as the rest were full. We were wheels rolling just after 8am and were definitely at the back of the pack.

This had the advantage that there were no toilet queues at the first rest stop. The riding was flat and easy and there was a definite tailwind which meant that we were moving at more than 20kms whilst cyclists whizzed past us. At one point we passed a cyclist carrying a ukelele. We hit a bit of rain just before Beachport but arrived to lunch in brilliant sunshine.

We set up our chairs and made our coffee, whilst enjoying an excellent roll and a magnificent view, including a friendly seal on the beach. We felt quite smug as the person nearby commented that she had been waiting 30 minutes for her friend to return with her coffee. There were also some conveniently located public toilets so we could skip the toilet queue as well.

The afternoon was similar to the morning, with more easy riding and we arrived at Millicent to find our luggage near truck 6 and set up camp at the edge of the sportsfield.

There was another market in Millicent and we took a walk through town, but it lacked the charm of Robe and we headed back to camp for a shower and then dinner. We had worked out that showering late meant that you missed the worst of the queue. We could hear the live music from our tent and enjoyed knowing all the songs. We are clearly the right demographic for the evenings’ entertainment.