The Devil's Kitchen

(68 Kms)

Friday, 26 Jan, 2018

Port Arthur - Primrose Sands

It was overcast as we left around 9:30, with our first big hill of the day just to get from the campsite to the main road. It was pleasant cycling in the relatively cool morning air, and for once the wind was behind us. Being Australia Day, there was hardly any traffic heading north, and certainly no logging trucks or other heavy vehicles.

Our first meeting point was meant to be the chocolate factory at Taranna, but there was some miscommunication because we arrived to find Jonno was not there. Simon cycled on ahead whilst Georgia and I waited. Then Georgia suggested I ring him, as he would have his phone on to listen to his story. Sure enough, he was waiting further downtown.

All together again in Taranna

The road into Eaglehawk Neck was again lovely on our return, as we skirted along the bay. This time we were detouring to see the Tasman Arch and the Devil's Kitchen. It seemed reasonably flat on Google Maps, but it wasn't. The views across Pirates Bay were gorgeous, and the street names were interesting, including Caribbean Court, and Penzance Road. Given Georgia's role in the Trinity production of Pirates of Penzance, she had to make sure that she took a photo of the Penzance Road sign.

Eaglehawk Neck Bay

Eaglehawk Neck Bay

Eaglehawk Neck

Pirates Bay

The road to Tasman Arch was steep, but worth it, as the views of the Arch were spectacular, though it took a few attempts to find the best view of the Devils Kitchen. Back down the hill, we turned right to see the Blowhole, which was more like a millpond. We had lunch at the Doo-licious van, more fish'n'chips, though this time I had some oysters, which were delicious. We agreed that the fish wasn't as good as Triabunna, but the chips were better.

Tasman Arch

Devil's Kitchen

Down the coast from the Arch

Lunch at the Doo-licious van

Back at the highway, it was time for our next climb, back up to our viewing point of two days previously. I was apprehensive about how steep it would be, but it turned out to be quite manageable. Jonno had reminded us all to put on our stories, music, podcasts etc to have something to distract us on the way up. There were hardly any cars, and the ride was almost pleasant. I had promised everyone a coffee or other drink at the excellent Cubed Cafe, but it was busy, and after our exertions, water was preferable to coffee.

Made it!

All at the top again

Our reward was around 7 kilometres downhill to Murdunna where we stopped to stock up on dinner supplies. The highway was quite busy, and it was not pleasant riding the hills to Dunalley, particularly as the wind picked up for the last few kilometres.

We stopped at Dunalley for a quick afternoon tea break, and to buy more cherries from the stall, which we were pleased to see still in operation.

Cherries at Dunalley

Then we took the C road to Primrose Sands where we had booked accommodation via airbnb. The views over the bay were most scenic but then we hit the hills, and dirt road, and more hills. The last hill was particularly steep and it was a relief to reach the crest.

Bay views

Bay views

At the junction to Primrose Sands

We turned off at the new bridge and took the undulating road to Primrose Sands. We passed the RSL where two guys were singing and playing the banjo from the back of the truck to an audience of about 10 people and a dog. We found our accommodation and met Jeff, who showed us round, including back gate access to a most beautiful beach. However, we were more in need of showers, so settled in, and relaxed before making a beef Rogan Josh for dinner, with extra vegetables, in a small saucepan which we filled to the brim, and ate it all.

The road out tomorrow