Tailem Bend to Milang

(66 KMs)

Sunday, 11 September 2022

Tailem Bend - Milang

Punts on the Murray

It took us a while to get going as we detoured into the supermarket to pick up some basic provisions for dinner as we weren’t sure what would be available at the little general store in Milang. We heeded the advice of our host and took the punt from Tailem Bend so we could cycle the quieter back roads to Wellington. Excellent advice and we enjoyed spotting the dairy calves.

We crossed on the punt at Wellington to detour via Hall Café for an early lunch. Excellent coffee and toasted sandwiches. We also picked up some sourdough bread and some dehydrated sweet potato and lentil soup, and mushroom ragout mixes for another dinner.

Much of the afternoon ride was on a fairly main road, and it was nice to turnoff onto the back roads around Lake Alexandrina for a windy ride into Milang.

Our Airbnb accommodation at the Old Milang Butcher Shop was lovely and we knew we had found a good base for the next three nights. We picked up some beers from the pub and enjoyed some cheese and biscuits on the sunny front veranda before lighting the wood burning stove for a cosy evening by the fire.