Kiama to Culburra Beach

(64 Kms)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Kiama to Culburra Beach

A 9:56 train to Gerringong meant that we wanted to up and packed by 9:30am, allowing time to get to the station and unload the bikes.

The train was already at the station when we arrived, making it easy to get ourselves sorted. It was all a bit rushed at Gerringong, trying to get all the panniers off as people were trying to get on, and we managed to knock off my back light in the rush. Fortunately someone on the train let us know we had dropped it, and we were soon repacked and ready to roll.

It was a hilly ride out of Gerringong, with some bike paths to make it easier. However, we were soon on the main road to Nowra, and parts of the road had very little shoulder. Jonno led the way and we kept together, riding around 20km/h. It was easy riding but not pleasant with lots of cars and we were pleased to arrive at the residential streets of Bombaderry.

The road out of Gerringong

Looking out to Severn Mile Beach

We crossed the bridge and picked up the cycle path, stopping for lunch at one of the seats overlooking the Shoalhaven River. From there we enjoyed the flat ride along Comerong Island Road, down Jindy Andy Lane and a scenic detour via Smiths Lane and Ryans Lane before picking up the main route to Culburra Beach.

Lunch overlooking the Shoalhaven River

Jonno having a rest while waiting for us to catch up

Ryans Lane, the end of the scenic detour

The road into Culburra Beach was fast but the shoulder was wide enough to cycle safely. It was a further 3kms from the Culburra shops to the Culburra Beach Caravan Park – a well-equipped park complete with jumping pillow.

The fully-equipped camp kitchen again included gas burners, BBQ and fridge, but no saucepans or crockery. Whilst Jonno set himself up to study, Simon, Georgia and I explored the beach and estuary in the last of the afternoon light.

Exploring Culburra Beach

Sunset at Culburra Beach

Exploring Culburra Beach

We then headed into town for pizza on Jonno's recommendation, as he had enjoyed the takeaway pizzas when he had stayed in Culburra after his Budawangs hike. The pizzas were very good – although we couldn’t agree on the best – Jonno and Georgia liked the tandoori chicken, whilst Simon and I preferred the prawn and chorizo.

Our final stop was a shop at Woolworths (and we had checked that there was no closing time on the camp kitchen) and with fully laden panniers we cycled back to the campsite.

Total distance: 70km including 6km return to dinner

Jonno and Georgia rating: 6/10

Learnings: riding on main roads is not fun