Riverton to Clare

(47 KMs)

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Riverton - Clare

Taking the most direct route

The ride to Clare started out on the Rattler trail, a 19km cycle path between Riverton and Auburn. Unfortunately, a cyclist came off at the first gate, after skidding on a rail and managed to break their leg. The rest of us made sure to take extra care. The route passed through rolling farmlands and vineyards. We detoured through Auburn for a quick bathroom stop before embarking on the Reisling Trail.

We detoured briefly off the trail into Watervale for coffee and cake at the Watervale General store before rejoining the trail near the refreshment stop, which we bypassed.

The wind had picked up by this time accompanied by light showers. The route diverted at Penwertham to go via Horrocks Road and Seven Hill through to Mintaro and Farrell Flat. Given the forecast for increasing rain and the blustery winds, we made the decision to continue on the Reisling Trail directly to Clare, cutting some 40 kms off the route.

It was drizzling as we pitched our tent on the Valleys Lifestyle Centre oval, along with the many others who had made the same decision. The rain increased as we walked the short distance into town for lunch at Me, Myself and Isla café which served very good burgers – just what we felt like.

We wandered back along the main street for a hot chocolate/chai latte at Café 1871 before adjourning for an afternoon of reading in comfortable chairs at the Clare Library.

We returned in time to shower, and the dining room was full by the time we arrived. We found some seats at a table with a group from Geelong and enjoyed hearing tales about their travels. Dinner was slow to be served, though delicious and it was our latest night yet by the time we had all eaten.