Through the countryside

(63 Kms)

Sunday, 24 Sept, 2017

Mungyeon - Pungcheon

It was overcast as we cycled out of Mungyeong around 9 am. The roads were quiet, perhaps because it was a Sunday morning. We navigated our way to the river and picked up the cycle path. We were quickly in the countryside and winding our way along the riverside.

Cycle path along the river

Creek flowing into the river

It was very scenic, with people working in the fields and the river always in sight. We passed the occasional house, and a few cyclists passed us.

Rice fields

We stopped for morning tea at the certification centre at the junction of the paths. We chatted to an American soldier who was heading to Busan and onto Japan. Lots of Korean cyclists appeared, and Simon took a group photo, and they did the same for us.

Family photo at the junction

We parted ways picking up the Nakhandong bike path to Andong. A few groups of Korean cyclists passed us, waving and calling Anyeonghaseyo (hello in Korean).

It was our most scenic cycling day so far, almost all on dedicated bike paths, and not a motorway to be seen. We could really appreciate the beauty of rural Korea.

Riding through rural areas

A traditional looking farm building

Facilities were more limited on this part of the route, and our priority for lunch was to find somewhere with shade. We finally found one of the small structures common to the countryside and stopped there for lunch. It was fairly quick as there were a few wasps around, so not a place to linger.

A raised cycle way

A few kilometres further on we turned off the bike path in search of Karoo, our pre-booked accommodation for the night. We found the building on a very new estate, and let ourselves into the room using the codes sent to us.

We knew we would be sleeping on the floor - our first true Korean sleeping experience. The room was compact and included a small kitchen, washing machine, big fridge and the best shower yet. The owner, Mr Kim, came round to show us how things worked and collect his payment of 50,000 won.

Not so squeezy

Jonno's study corner

We wandered out to find dinner. It was an eerie place, with many of the apartments empty. There were enormous new buildings that looked to have just been completed. They seemed to be for some type of government administration. We walked through the precinct in search of a cluster of restaurants marked on naver maps. We found a bakery, some cafes, a number of empty restaurants and then one restaurant which seemed to contain most of the local inhabitants. It served the same type of food that we had eaten twice before, spicy chicken and vegetables wrapped in lettuce leaves. As it was the only busy restaurant, it was an obvious choice. The local kids were excited to talk to Georgia who was able to name their Pokémon cards. Dinner was good, and we finished off with ice creams on the way home.