Flat Tyres and Mango Shakes

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Can Tho, Vietnam - Kampot, Cambodia

A day in the car today as we drove from Can Tho to Kampot in Cambodia via Rach Gia and Ha Tien. All was going well until we stopped and waited while some road workers cut down a coconut tree across the road, when we started there were shouts from the workers and a strange noise from the back wheel. Sure enough we had a flat. After about 45 minutes, most of which was the driver trying to get the spare out, we were on our again.

Just out of Rach Gia we pulled up to a tiny shop front which just happened to fix tyres, whilst the tyre was being fixed Suzanne and the kids went off in search of something to eat and after a while came back with some banana fritters.

At Ha Tien we found out rendezvous place and sat down for a nice cold mango shake and some baguettes. No sooner had we ordered than our driver to Kampot arrived, an hour earlier than expected. Late lunch finished and we were off for our next challenge, the Cambodian boarder crossing. Our $30US visa cost us $35 each and we paid another $1 each to get our temperature taken we also filled out three different forms with the same details which we given to three different people. But after about 30 mins we made it through and headed off to Kampot.

Our hotel at Kampot, Rikitikitavi, is luxurious compared to the previous ones with two rooms with nice soft beds, ahhhh.

We had a beautiful dinner at a local, but less touristed, Cafe Malay restaurant which was rated up there with last nights dinner, Jonno only scored it down because the servings weren't big enough!

Tomorrow we explore Kampot.