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Monday, 27 Jan, 2020

Ghoda Tabela (3000m) - Rimche (2500m)

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We were woken by the jangling bells of a donkey express train, which seemed to be moving at quite a pace. The mist had cleared but it was very cold. There was no fire in the dining room and after moaning for a while about how cold it was, I asked if we could sit by the fire in the kitchen.

We all gathered around the wood burning stove and drank our coffees and teas whilst our omelettes were cooked in front of us. The cheese omelettes tasted particularly good.

It was around 10am when we left and it was icy underfoot. There was a lot of downhill as we descended around 600 metres. We walked mainly through forest and at one point Simon and I spotted some animals that looked like lemurs scampering across the side of a steep rock face Puncha told us the Nepalese name but it had no English translation

We met up with the kids at Riverside for morning tea and again enjoyed drinking tea and coffee in the sun by the river. The landlady was drying raw meat in the sun and we watched her cutting into the bone to get the last of the meat. Across the river we spotted some little deers moving in and out of the trees. There was also some little red tailed birds hopping around us.

Back on the track, we arranged the meet the kids at Rimche and continued on our way, stopping a few times to move off the track to let the donkey trains pass us. We spied a monkey sitting in the sun half way up a rock face. We had a quick toilet stop at Lama Hotel and made it to Rimche a little before 2pm and found our rooms at the Ganesh View Hotel and Lodge.

We ordered dal Bhat and vegetable curry and rice for lunch and both arrived very quickly. Lunch done, we set to washing our clothes whilst Georgia had the first gas-powered shower. At one stage, a friendly Nak stuck its nose in the washing bowl. We removed the clothes whilst it had a drink and gave the basin a good rinse before continuing with our washing. A big group of Spanish trekkers passed by and we chatted to them about the walk up to Kanjin Gompa before they headed off to Lama Hotel.

By the time we had all showered, the mist was descending over the surrounding mountains and we soon needed to move the wet clothes into the dining room. We set ourselves up around the fire, but as the stove heated up, we had to move further and further away.

It was soon time to order dinner and another Spanish trekker joined us together with his guide. This was the first time we had shared the dining room with another trekker, despite the number of people we had passed on the Langtang trek.