Whitfield to Wangaratta

(70 KMs)

Wednesday, 16 Mar, 2022

Whitfield - Wangaratta

Victorian Rail Trail Trip - Stage 5

Whitfield to Wangaratta 70 KMs.

Slightly later start at 9:00 on this slightly overcast morning, it had rained a little bit overnight and the forecast was looking dry.

Continuing on from yesterday we kept off the main road as much as possible, but this meant more dirt and one or two step pinches, but luckily the general gradient was down.

We followed the King River Valley down through farmland and the occasional vineyard and ducked into Moyhu for coffee after 30 KMs. We rang ahead to the King River Cafe in Oxley to book at table for lunch and then set off to Oxley just 19 KMs down more dirt roads.

After a nice lunch at the cafe we picked up the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail and headed the 14 KMs into Wangaratta with a quick detour into Coles for some supplies.