Into the wind

(85 Km)

Tuesday, 26 Nov, 2019

Portland - Port Fairy

We were still working on our 5:30am starts but a deluge of rain made it hard to get moving. The rain had stopped when we emerged from our tent for breakfast and it was a beautiful morning looking over the bay.

We were moving before 8am and the cycling was stunning along the coast. The wind was behind us as we set out but picked up over the day. We stopped for morning tea at the rest area and enjoyed our coffee under the trees as it started to rain. Our neighbours commented that they had always wondered what people carried in their panniers.

Further on we passed a koala in a tree at the side of the road. Having just visited Raymond Island and spotted 7 koalas, I didn’t stop for another photo. It was worth stopping for the shoe fence - metres of shoes hanging from a wire fence. We also passed a tunnel for cows, allowing them to move from one paddock to another without crossing the road.

Our last rest stop was 25kms from Port Fairy and it was soon after that the winds hit making it a real struggle cycling into Port Fairy. The gusts were really strong making cycling very unpleasant.

The site at Port Fairy was huge and we found a sheltered spot to set up our tent. We were a long way from the marquis but close to the showers. We headed into town for a beer, and chatted to Jane and Leisa at the pub who were doing the tour with All Trails and staying in comfortable accommodation each night. I confess to feeling rather envious though not sure it was worth the cost, at around $5000 or at least four times the price we paid.

It was variety night but we skipped it, preferring the quiet of our tent after a tough day’s cycling.