Up the coast from Wooyung

(80 Kms)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Wooyung - Fingal Head and back

We awoke to a glorious day, and loved that we were able to cycle out from the campsite. We made our way up the road to Pottsville, a route we had covered some six years ago, and then picked up a cycle path that was to take us all the way to Kingscliffe and beyond.

On the bridge at Hastings Point

It was flat and easy cycling, and though we caught glimpses of the sea from time to time, most of the trail was shaded and set slightly back from the coast. It was lovely having a dedicated bike path for such a long distance. We crossed rivers a few times, including a scenic stop at Hastings Point and then for morning tea at Kingscliffe.

Hasting Point River

Hasting Point River

From Kingscliffe we headed along a bike trail to Fingal Head and the onto what should have been a Tweed Head, given that it was at the mouth of the Tweed River, but was unnamed on our map, and according to google maps, is known as south head. The last three kms was on corrugated dirt, and not easy going, but worth it at the end as we enjoyed views across to Tweed Heads.

Morning tea at Kingscliffe

At the end of the spit a South Tweed Head

Looking back to Tweed Heads

We stopped for lunch near Fingal Head, then found a whole new bike path back on the other side of Kingscliffe. More scenic and easy cycling. We rejoined the main path at Casuarina, and headed back along the now familiar route.

Lunch near Fingal Head

Jonno and I took the cycle path through Pottsville, whilst Simon and Georgia did a time trial back from Pottsville, taking it in turns to be at the front, and drafting off each other.

Altogether a great 80 kms of cycling, almost entirely on dedicated cycle paths on a perfect winters day.