Woolgoolga to Wooyung

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Woolgoolga - Wooyung

We had arranged to meet the Ellwoods for lunch in Ballina so had enough to time for a morning run. Jonno and I walked out of the campsite together, and then he passed me again on the way back. After running along a quiet road into town, I then picked up the Solitary Islands walk which offered glorious views towards Coffs Harbour.

Back at camp, we had a leisurely breakfast, and packed up. We stopped at Jeds bake house for some excellent looking bread rolls, and loitered a few moments to listen to the excellent clarinetist playing at the brasserie next door. I was tempted to stop for a cheeky coffee, but we didn't really have time, given our date for lunch.

We met the Ellwoods at the Shaws Bay surf club, and sent the scouts on ahead to check that the picnic table in the headland was free. One scout returned with good news, and we enjoyed our picnic lunch watching the whales breaching in the distance. The kids headed to the park to kick the ball, which ended up at the top of a tree. Georgia and Alex climbed the tree, whilst Jonno shook the branches from below. No luck, the ball was well wedged in. Steve took over, and once he found the right branch to shake, managed to get the ball loose.

The adults then adjourned to the surf club for coffee, leaving the kids with the ball and frisbee. It was mid afternoon by the time we headed off, stopping for groceries and then heading onto Wooyung.