Coffee Street

(8 Kms)

Thursday, 28 Sept, 2017


The Koreans do love their coffee, just not before 10.30 which seems to be the time that the cafes start to open. We were intrigued to pass a sign yesterday with directions to Coffee Street which sounded like it could be worth a visit.

As it was our nominated rest day, it was a very leisurely start. It had rained during the night but was fining up to be a sunny day By the time Jonno emerged from his own bedroom with his own bed it was close to 10am, and Si and I had already had two cups of coffee. We enjoyed bacon and eggs for breakfast on white bread toast. There was no toaster, but the griller functioned well enough.

Breakfast done, we cycled off to investigate coffee street, no longer in need of a coffee, but curious to see a whole street of coffee shops. The strip ran along the Anmok beach, with the sea looking much more appealing in the sunshine, and even a little surf. We had passed a number of deserted surf shops yesterday facing a dead flat sea.

On Anmok Beach

At Anmok Beach

It was windy, and a rest day, so we cycled just a little way along the beach marking the best route for tomorrow's cycle north. The coffee shops had just a few people in them, but would be buzzing in the early evening. Not my time for drinking coffee, which I prefer before midday.

Creb doing observation duty

Coffee Street

Back on the bikes we cycled down the river to the e-mart, so unfortunately closed yesterday. There were reassuring signs of life this time round. First stop was to buy Jonno a maths exercise book as his was slightly damp from yesterday's rain. Too wet to do any maths homework yesterday he had to spend time on YouTube instead. We searched for a tube to replace the one Georgia had punctured yesterday, but no luck and we decided that between us we had enough spare tubes.

Bridge over the river at the estuary

Jonno at the start of the river bike path

Next was grocery shopping for dinner. We had a few options, and Jonno was keen to avoid chicken as we had eaten it a few times already. The price of beef and pork was astronomical. In the end we settled for trusty spaghetti Bolognese, as 460g of minced beef was about $10AUD. Turned out it was Aussie beef. We found some spicy chicken pieces which we planned to combine with fresh baguettes and panfried mushrooms and capsicums for a delicious lunch.

Fresh fruit and veggies are also really expensive, at around $1.50 for a single nectarine and $5/kilo for pineapple. Much is prepackaged and the quantities are too large for us to manage. Jonno did manage to find some precut packaged onion ($1.80) and a peeled carrot ($2.00). We had all we needed for another dinner in.

Jonno went for a run in the afternoon, whilst Simon cleaned the bikes and Georgia and I skyped mum and dad. As we travel with a Bluetooth speaker we had Google play music going in the background for a restful afternoon.